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5 Great Father’s Day Gifts

June 13, 2016

Father’s day falls on June 19th this year. Are you struggling to come up with a creative gift ideas? Tired of getting your dad the same gift every single year? Well don’t fret! We here at The Sill came up with 5 neat plant-inspired Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will love! Be sure to stop by our shop or visit our website to check out all the different plants we have to offer.

1. The Parlour Palm


The parlour palm, scientifically known as the Chamaedorea Elegans, is a great hard-to-kill plant. Only needing to be watered once a week, this plant is perfect for a dad with a busy schedule. This Parlour Palm is great for brightening up shady spots and would look great on your father’s desk at work! This plant is available for nationwide shipping!

2. The Snake Plant

Modernica_nyc_snake_plant_black The snake plant is great for surviving all indoor spaces! Not only does it help filter out air pollutants but it also adds a little bit of green to a dull space. Easy to take care of, this plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is sure to put a smile on your father’s face!

3. Air Plants


Air plants are a great choice for busy dads. These little guys are very easy to take care of. They are able to gain their nutrients from the air and the water, so there is no need for messy soil. Available for nationwide shipping, air plants look great on tables, desks, and can even be used as wall decorations!

4. The Fiddle Leaf Fig


The Fiddle Leaf Fig starts out small but can gradually grow to be 7 feet tall.  With it’s fiddle shaped leaves, this plant is a unique contribution to any space. Place it in a spot that gets bright, indirect light and your fiddle leaf fig will be just as happy as your dad will be when he receives it!

5. The Kokedama


The Sill’s handmade Kokedama moss ball can either hold the Platycerium lemoinei fern or the Asplenium nidus fern. The Kokedama is the Father’s Day equivalent of flowers and is available for nationwide shipping!

Be sure to order before Tuesday, June 14th for nationwide shipping and Wednesday, June 15th for New York City delivery!

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