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Adina Grigore, Founder, S.W. Basics

August 13, 2015

We’re picking back up our Tastemakers series with Adina Grigore of the Brooklyn-based skincare line S.W. Basics. A quality over quantity approach to skincare – S.W. Basics products are made from scratch and contain five ingredients or less. Did we mention they make your skin look and feel dreamy?

Name: Adina Grigore
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Most Stressed Person at S.W. Basics
Favorite Plant: Aloe, obviously

Can you share a little background about yourself, your skincare line S.W. Basics, and your new book Skin Cleanse? Sure! I’m a south Florida girl living in a NY world. Well Brooklyn, but let’s be honest that’s really more NY these days than NY is, you know? I started S.W. Basics out of my kitchen in 2009, then went full-time-whole-life in 2011. Now we’re available nationwide in Target. This year my book Skin Cleanse came out, a guide to ditching your addiction to beauty products and getting better skin.

What was the inspiration behind S.W. Basics? My extremely sensitive skin and body, and my anger towards the rest of the beauty industry. I wanted to make products that were simple, wholesome, more affordable, and didn’t make women feel badly about themselves. Everything in the line is 100% natural, five ingredients or less, and we’re certified organic. I believe that simple products work better and that a simple life is generally better, too.

What’s your favorite skincare product? This changes all the time but currently, and most of the time, our cream. I’m always dry and oily and in summer also peeling from too much time in the sun, so I drench myself in this product. It’s gold.

What’s your top skincare tip(s)? Don’t ever believe a beauty product will solve all of your problems (and don’t blame the product when it doesn’t!), wash your face with just water once in a while, hydrate your insides more, and try to mute out the BS that makes you feel flawed and ugly. You look great.

What’s a secret skill you have? Ha! I can tap dance!

What’s the best present you’ve given or received? When I was on my honeymoon, my sis and her girlfriend cleaned our apartment like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’m talking whole new place. I think it was hard, they were kind of grumpy about it. But wow was that nice. I’m wondering how I get them to do it again.

If your space was on fire, what’s the first thing you’d grab to save?  My little mean black cat!

What’s on your to-do list today? Get through 100 emails, make dinner + lunch for tomorrow, shower, watch Game of Thrones!

What is your favorite plant and why? Aloe because I’m a living cliche. But come on, what an under-appreciated plant! I’m not sure why they aren’t in every house. It’s a free first aid kit.

Do you have a green thumb? NO. The only plant I’ve kept alive is my aloe. Because as if aloe wasn’t already awesome enough, it also grows no matter what you do.

Any plant care tips you can share? Buy aloe.

What tops your houseplant wish list? More of a green thumb, and plants that don’t need light because our railroad apartment is like a cemetery for green things.

Thank you so much, Adina!

(S.W. Basics skin product & Skin Cleanse book – photos by Liz Andrien.)



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